VEX IQ Volunteer Job Description and Training

There are a variety of volunteer roles available at VEX IQ events. Volunteer roles do not require technical skills or experience, only a desire to support engaging learning opportunities for students. Descriptions of event volunteer positions are listed below.


Judges gather information from teams and assess it against listed criteria to recognize the most deserving teams for event awards.


(Training Guide:  Highrise Referee’s Guide || Highrise Referee’s Scoresheet || Referee Training Videos )

Oversees the proper reset of the game fields after each match, is cognizant of the time cycle of matches, and helps the field manager stay on schedule. Referees correctly interpret and consistently use the rules of the game to score the match. Referees make quick decisions, are confident, consistent, good – natured, and serve a valuable mentors to teams.

Robot Inspector

(Training Guide: Highrise Inspector’s Guide || Highrise – Inspection Checklist )

Conducts inspections of robots to verify that they conform to the specifications and requirements outlined in the official Game Manual. Inspectors must read and understand the robot game rules/inspection checklist before the event. Inspectors apply the game rules, weigh interpretations, and make decisions. There may be “teachable moment” opportunities to help ensure the robots pass inspection, which is the ultimate goal.

Field Assistant/Field Reset

Ensures the game field is accurately reset after each match. Students with high energy make great field resetters.


This person should be dedicated to starting the clock for each match and accurately entering scores. This volunteer should be comfortable with using a PC computer and custom software.


Volunteers should dress comfortably and appropriately for VEX IQ events. A team neutral polo shirt or t-shirt with jeans or dress pants is fine. Volunteers should wear comfortable closed – toed shoes . Volunteers should be on time for their assignments, share a cheerful, positive attitude, and be flexible and open to helping other volunteers, if assistance is needed.