VEX RobotC Help

Quick Start Guide to RobotC and VEX EDR

VEX Remote Control Programming

  • Remember you need to check the Remote Control continously, to grab state changes – so place it in a while loop
  • If you use TWO Remote Controls – the second control is referenced as: vexRT[Ch2Xmtr2]” -> Xmtr2 points to controller two, Ch2 means Channel 2 of one of the Joystick Axes
  • See this document for more Remote Control information:  Remote Control Buttons
  • Basic RobotC Controller Programming Tutorial
  • READ carefully – should only be done if absolutely needed – Remote Control Calibration Process

VEX Autonomous Period Programming

 VEX Nothing But Net RPM control for ball shooter

RobotC basic Programming Tutorial

Controller – Cortex Communication help and setup.