Firmware Update

To have your Cortex, JoyStick and VEXnet keys up-to-date is critical to a successful competition day.  The below instructions are up-to-date as of November 2014 which reflects the latest firmware versions for robots programmed with RobotC:

Firmware Versions:

  • VEXnet key – firmware 1.47
  • Cortex: CORTEX_V4_23.BIN
  • Joystick: JOY_V4_23.BIN

Upgrade Process

Step 1: Install the VEXnet firmware update utility by downloading it here.  Install the update program on your Windows computer, then plug you VEXnet keys into the USB port of your computer.  Open the VEXnet utility and check if the firmware is the latest, if not Update it.  Repeat the process for BOTH VEXnet keys.
Step 2: Make sure that RobotC is updated to version 4.27 – if not update this first!
Step 3: Update BOTH the CORTEX and the JOYSTICK.  Connect the Cortex (using the A-to-A USB cable) to your computer, then make sure that you select the correct Communication Port.  Then update the subsequent FIRMWARE files.
Then push the firmware onto the cortex and the joystick using the Automatically firmware menu option.