VEX IQ GearUp Resources

The following items are specifically designed and used in support of the Robotics Program as part of the CWU GearUp Program.  Please make sure you scroll all the way down to page for all the resources including RobotC and System Spec Sheets.

Useful Resource Links

The following are links to VEX IQ Bank Shot (2015-2016) game and Vex Robot system resources.

Bank Shot – 2015-2016 Game

Team Registration And Tournament Registration

Teams must be registered in order to participate in any of the tournaments.  Team registration and tournament registration for the VEX IQ 2015-2016 Bank Shot Season is available here.

Your first step is registering your team.  Multiple teams form the same school will use the same team number with a letter appended for example: team 1: 9889 team 2: 9889B etc

Your second step involved registering your team for tournaments, using the same registration page, selecting a tournament and selecting your team number to compete in that tournament.

Refereeing Resources

It maybe very useful to watch the various referee training videos to get a deeper understanding of the game.  The play list for the referee training videos can be found here:  VEX IQ Bank Shot Referee Training Videos