Playing Robot Soccer

To play Robot Soccer a number of strategies can be deployed.  Depending on the field you use, you will need some combination of Compass Sensor, IRseeker Sensor, Light Sensor and either ultrasonic or touch sensor.

Typical Soccer Strategy

A typical soccer strategy consists of a few steps which are repeated over and over again during the game.

  1. Locate the opponents goal — using Compass Sensor position robot facing opponents goal and take compass reading and store it as a variable for later reuse.
  2. Using the IRseeker sensor locate the ball and drive a course which will get your robot straight in front of the ball
  3. When reaching the ball — use touch or Ultrasonic sensor – grab hold of the ball
  4. Drive to opponents goal using Compass Sensor and previous stored opponents goal ‘compass heading’
  5. When reaching goal, ‘kick’ the ball into the goal area — use Ultrasonic sensor as one way to determine if you have reached the goal or not with a combination of Color sensor to determine the right coal — assuming they are painted a specific color.