KidWind Resources

In support of the KidWind program classes here are some of the instructional material used.  Feel free to download these and use them for your own projects.

Data Collection

We use for our testing the basic Vernier Data probes – current probe, voltage probe and annometer. We also use a standard Digital MultiMeter to measure the initial Voltage generated by the the turbine as we go through the process of design, test, observe and improve.  (We use for example the cheap model: 22-182 – $24.00 from Radio Shack or the following items from Frye’s in Renton Velleman 31/2 digit DVM for $9.99)

Typical data for a turbine is graphed as the Power Produced in mW versus WindSpeed in m/s.

Data Collected March 2014

Below is the full data set collected during the KidWind  Wednesday Evening sessions during March / April, 2014 at Coe Elementary School.  This is a zip file (archive) and contains for each recorded test the raw data recorded in .1 sec intervals for 60 seconds in a csv file as well as a pdf with the graph of the recorded experiment. (You can make your own graphs using the CSV file data in Excel as well.)