The KidWind Project is dedicated to engaging minds for a responsible future through renewable energy science education, with a specific emphasis on wind power. We foster opportunities for students and teachers alike to build, test, explore, and understand wind energy technology at a manageable scale, and push them to get involved with STEM fields related to renewable energy.  Visit the KidWind Project Website.

How does KidWind Work

Students together with adults learn how to construct an optimum wind turbine using standard parts – turbine hub, and basic electrical motor as generator, and cardboard, old soda bottles, etc and place their turbine in front of a powerful fan and measure the power generator as a function of the airflow.  As true engineers and sciencetists, participants then continue to work on optimizing their design until they reach what they believe is the most optimized and highest power producing turbine.  You can download a poster here as well and share with others.

KidWind Team Training

Student teams of grades K – 8 can register for an optional KidWind Turbine building evening program, held on Wednesday evenings during the month of April 2015, to prepare for the Seattle KidWind Challenge.  Click here to learn more about these class offerings.

KidWind in your own Classroom or After school Program

Implementing your own KidWind challenge or teach students about KidWind is fairly simple.  We have put to gather a list of basic resources and supplies you may need to do this.  Please check here of the supply suggestions and here for for curriculum and training material.

KidWind 2015 Challenge Rules

Here are the 2015 KidWind Challenge rules.  Make sure you read them completely and understand them, before you set out as a team to construct your turbine.  If you want to take a look at the Judging Rubric, take a look at this document as well.

Registration for Seattle KidWind Challenge

All registrations for a team to participate in the Seattle KidWind Challenge on Satruday April 25th, is handled by the KidWind organization, using this registration link.

For more details on the event itself, including location and what to bring, please check here.