Science Exploration

What would Robotics be without learning and exploring all kinds of fun Science!  Remember Robots often are built to explore, learn, measure things in our environment, being it outer space or deep down in the oceans, or in our cities.

We will offer during the school year a number of exciting short programs to explore particular science or robotics topics.  One such program is our new Family Fun Nights Program.

Family Fun Nights

Family Fun Nights are intended to provide an opportunity for the student together with one or more parents to spent a few select Wednesday evenings learning and doing hands-on science and robotics.  Topics may include Robot Art projects, KidWind (designing and building a wind turbine), Arduino Robotics and others.  These programs are intended to provide an environment for the student to show their prowess with science and engineering and for you adults to learn and get involved as well.  This program is in response to the often uttered remark “If only I could do it too, it would be so much fun!”.  It also allows us to explore some more complicated yet of high interest to our students topics, where tit really is best if a student and adult work together to accomplish a task.

Program Offerings

For the most up-to-date program offering please visit the Progams / Robot Classes / Family Fun section of our website.