VEX 1619

SkyRiseThe Hungarian Code Breakers

Winter 2014/2015 a small group of highly motivated students, formed a VEX Robotics Competition team over Christmas break.   They set out with the goal to build a competitive robot to participate in the VEX tournament on Saturday January 10th, 2015 in Mattawa as well as February 21st, 2015 in Everett.

Their team name, The Hungarian Code Breakers is in recognition of having two visiting students from Hungary joining our team and introducing them to VEX Robotics.

The robot is designed to play this years game called SkyRise, where the robot has to put cubes around various length pipe sections and attempt to build a skyrise tower also filled with cubes.

A short robot video of our first time driving the completed robot on the evening of January 8th at around 8:00PM, not leaving a lot of time to practice driving before our first competition.

Rebuilding the Arm

After the first competition, we have decided to rebuild the arm, goal: remove two of the 4 motors, increase torque and holding power of the arm – i.e. when reaching a position stay at the position smoothly.  We also will make the arm lighter by replacing much of the structure with Aluminum so that we have less weight to lift does less torque requirements on the upper stage of the arm.