WeDo Robots

On this page you will find some fun short movies and other resources showing some of our Lego WeDo robotic devices. All these models are build by our K – 2nd grade Robotics kids.

Robot Soccer with WeDo – Spring 2013

During an extended after school session because of early dismissal, we decided to build soccer robots. We watched some video on the RoboCup soccer tournament and figured we can do this too! Well here is the result a game do WeDo soccer of two against two robots played on a taped out simple soccer field.

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MARS Rover Curiosity build with WeDo LEGO kit – January 2012

Can we build a replica of the new MARS rover Curiosity? Well the students in 1st/2nd grade managed to create a platform with 6 individual drive wheels, control it with WeDo Software and make it go forward and backward.  We now even have a drill arm tool set on the top… Next can we make all 6 wheels also turn individual…would take 6 more motors and a lot more WeDo control, maybe even two laptops…NASA watch out the new engineers are coming!

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Gearing Examples

Learning about gears is critical for Robotics no matter how young you are or how simple your robots seemingly may look. The below example is a simple gearing system which engages either one part or the other depending of the motor turning clockwise or counter clockwise.

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February 2011

The Coebotics kids have been studying and are following the latest MARS mission – the MARS Curiosity Rover – and where inspired to build their own version of the newest rover under construction. We managed to get NASA JPL to loan us a large impressive high resolution photo (30′ by 40′) of a Martian Ridge and the students created the sky crane equivalent landing device and model curiosity rover. The rover model build out of WeDo and controlled by one computer has a 4 motor drive train, and a two motor robotic arm, operated by a second computer. The third computer controls the sky crane allowing the lander to ‘touch down’ and de-couple so it can drive away.  This model was demonstrated with great success during the February 17th Coe Science fair.