Robot Soccer

In the CoeBotics Robot Soccer program, teams will design and program robots to play Robot Soccer using the International RoboCup Junior Soccer League rules. Students are required to design and program two robots to compete against an opposing pair of robots by kicking an infra-red transmitting ball into their designated goal. Teams have a choice of using two attacking robots or an attacker teamed with a goalie. Due to its ease of introduction to the uninitiated, we use LEGO Mindstorms to build and program the robots. A range of sensors can been attached to all of the robotic platforms. These include: electronic compasses, sonar, modified light sensors and motor rotation sensors.

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RoboCub Junior Tournament Videos

The RoboCub Junior Soccer League, part of the larger RoboCup WorldCup Robot Soccer League, allows teams to enter robots based on LEGO Mindstorms as well as other robotic platforms. CoeBotics however will concentrate on using a LEGO mindstorm robotics platform to create soccer playing robots.

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