Robot Rescue

The CoeBotics RoboCup Rescue challenges is based on the latest International RoboCup Junior Rescue Competition. In this challenge, teams engage robots to identify victims quickly and accurately within re-created disaster area, varying in complexity from line-following on a flat surface to negotiating paths through obstacles on uneven terrain. All of this within a given time limit. Robot are constructed from LEGO Mindstorms and outfitted with a variety of sensors to navigate successfully the disaster area.

This spring we will experiment with two variations on the Rescue League Challenge:

  • Victims will be red colored and only one will be placed upon the black line in each of the ‘first floor’ rooms, only one of the first floor rooms will have an additional obstacle like a brick placed upon the black line and the robot must navigate around it.  The second floor room will have NO black lines to follow and a red colored victim will be some where placed on the floor in the room.  The ramp to the second floor will have a guiding black line, which may contain 20 cm gaps.
  • There will be one victim, in the form of an empty soda can, weight down to exactly 150 grams, and covered in aluminum foil, this victim MUST be picked up by the robot and taken to the second floor safety zone, marked by a black triangle.  There will be  a black line pattern on each of the floors on the first floor, but NO black line leading up the ramp.  Randomly in the first floor rooms there maybe obstacles placed in the form of 15 cm long white sprinkler PVC pipes, either glued down or loose, and the robot must navigate or move these to continue forward.  The second floor will be covered with debris in the form of toothpick or similar objects.

Photo Gallery of CoeBotics Rescue League Experiments

Sample RoboCup Rescue Videos

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