FTC Team 5883

CoeBotics graduates start new FTC robotics Team – Team 5883

A small group of CoeBotics graduates now at McClure Middle School are forming the inaugural FTC robotics team.  This is very much like the first year CoeBotics started at Coe, a small dedicated group of kids trying to figure out the program, learning the ropes to hopefully become a stepping stone program for a larger McClure school set of teams.

The team is hosted by the Learning Access Institute and will be using its Robotics Workshop on weekends and after school to prepare for the competition.  The team is not officially affiliated with the school at this point, yet will be bravely represent the McClure spirit at various competition events.  However if you are a McClure student and would like to join the team please contact us at wscholten@learningaccess.org for more information.  Under competition rules team sizes are limited, however we will try to accommodate as many of you who may have an interest.

We will update this page as the team progresses, in the meantime you can learn more about this years challenge here at the USFIRST website.


Our efforts are sponsored by SAIC through a grant of $750 thanks to a team member parent!  This will allow us to pursue the FTC Idaho competition in Moscow on February 16th, 2013.

We also received a LEGOEducation FLL to FTC Conversion grant for Tetrix parts, helping us build up the needed inventory of parts for our robots, both the competition and the practice one.]]>