Jr Robot Explorers

Jr Robot Explorers is a new program, which hopes to engage students ages K – 5 into exploring Robotics and their use to discover and learn about our Oceans.  As many know 75% of our earth is covered by Oceans, yet only less then 5% of it has ever been explored.  We actually know more about outer spaces, like Pluto or the Moon or Mars then we know about our Oceans!

This program is open to small teams made up of students in grades K -3 or 3 – 5, who study and propose methods of further explore our Oceans using Robots, Robotic Submarines, Robotic instruments.  Student teams then come to a none-competitive celebration event (think Science Fair meets Maker Fair) on Saturday November 21st and bring a poster board and their model.  They present their research, engineering and models to each other as well to a panel of experts.

How do I get Started

Start by downloading the program criteria pages here.  Read them and create a team(s).

What does it Cost

Cost to participate in the celebration event will be $20 / team. If you just want  to do this local in your club or school, their are no costs.  We however strongly encourage you to come to the event, as it will have some exciting demos which will enhance your students experience.

What is a team

A team consists of 3 to 6 students in either grades K – 3 or 3 – 5

What material can I use

For student teams in grades K – 3 your demonstration model should be made using LEGO and a small amount of allowable cardboard/paper/tape (see program rules)

For students in grades 3 – 5 the demonstration model can be build either using LEGO including Mindstorm and EV3 systems, or VEX IQ Robotics systems. Again a small amount of cardboard/paper and tape is allowed (see program rules)

When is the Celebration

The celebration is on Saturday November 21st from 9:00AM – 12:30PM, and teams will be required to register and pay the participation fee in advance.

When can I register and where?

You will be able to register for the event starting October 1st and before November 15th.  Registration will only be online, and the registration link will be posted here.

Who is sponsoring the event?

The event is organized by the Learning Access Institute in collaboration wit the Oceangate Foundation. Other organization may join this event as organizers and sponsors and exhibitors.  A complete list will be available as we get closer to the event.