Rube Goldberg Machine – Queen Anne Family Fest 2015

A group of students build in a few days in the afternoons the ultimate grass/plant watering Rube Goldberg Machine. Using a combination of PVC pipe, LEGO Mindstorm, and Arduino robotics parts, combined with two bilge pumps, they created a 6ft by 6ft by 6ft machine.

It all starts with a simple ball rolling through a ‘screw’, then through a pipe slide, which triggers a LEGO motor, which releases a basket sliding down. This basket hits another trigger, which in turn activates the ‘water shower’ and water can filling pump. Once the can starts filling, it will move the lever out of balance, tip over and water the grass, as it empties it will return to a balanced state, and stop the machine.

The machine was a huge hit and ran at least over 400 times during the day!