NXT Robot Videos

Here is a collection of short videos of various robotic obstacle courses used in teaching how to program a Robot to navigate and drive as accurate as possible toward or around obstacles.

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In order to learn to precisely navigate and control a robots driving behavior, the students practiced on a small obstacle course. They where asked to run their robot from the start box around four paper cups, without moving them nor running off the white course board.
[jwplayer mediaid=”1334″] Study a 4 speed gear box — a perfect mechanism which can be modified to power fro ma single motor a number of different attachments at the time
[jwplayer mediaid=”1335″] Basic example of how to engage / disengage a drive shaft which powers a robotic attachment
[jwplayer mediaid=”1336″] A just for fun model showing a chairlift. However notice the smooth drive shafts and transfer of motor power to pulleys?
[jwplayer mediaid=”1337″] A simple yet innovative and powerful gear system to power a set of wheels going always in the same direction regardless of the direction the driving motor turns.