Again this summer a number of week long Robotics Camps for all age groups are offered. Please see here for final schedule and registration.

SPRING CoeBotics

OctoRoboto ROV TEAM

CoeBotics joined MATE program and is attempting to build under water Robot for ocean floor observation and measurements.

RoboCup 2013

The International RoboCup Tournament is this year in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Read more about the event here. For more info about the RoboCup program see here.

CoeBotics Wear

Want to wear the CoeBotics bright orange team wear? Now is your chance to purchase hats and T-shirts in support of the CoeBotics programs. To the on-line shop

Coe Robotics Festival

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Robotics is the ultimate team activity. All good robots and robotic devices are created by teams of engineers, biologists, artists and programmers to name a few disciplines. Because of this need of integrating many science, engineering and social science skills into a great Robot, it is an ideal discipline to start teaching as young as Kindergarten. It allows students of any ability to be part of a great accomplishment.

Robotics can be very intense, yet extremely fun!  Think of the many robotic devices we see in our daily lives and others we only dream of, such as the ‘un-manned’ car to take us places, or the future MARS rovers!  But what about this whole group of new nano-robots which eventually may enter our body to heal cancer or other ailments, in short only our imagination is the limit!

To spread the joy of robotics to as many kids as possible, this website is a beginning point to perhaps infect you too with the robotics bug and see what kids can accomplish!  Robotics can start simple with Lego WeDo and migrate into to complex robotic machinery using Lego Mindstorm.

I invite you to check back often and see how much progress we are making!